5 Common Pitfalls of a Work From Home Business

5 Common Pitfalls of a Work From Home Business

A work from home business allows you many freedoms but maintaining a healthy life style often becomes an issue as a result. The majority of home businesses today rely upon the internet as their ‘base’ of operations. These online entrepreneurs are therefore seated quite a bit and this coupled with the internet access in front of them can lead to a decline in their overall health.

So what is it that online marketers can do to maintain a healthy life style while still remaining productive with their business?

Here are 5 ‘survival tips’ all online marketers can use if their overall health is of any value to them, and it should be.

Don’t Dine at Your Desk

There is no doubt that a home based business can consume a lot of your time but when it comes to eating your meals leave your desk behind. Sure it may make sense from a time management standpoint to ‘multi-task’ by eating while you work but avoid this temptation. Your productivity will suffer and you will also miss out on a much needed break from work for both the body and the mind.

Don’t Wine at Your Desk

It may be tempting to ‘reward’ yourself with an occasional alcoholic beverage for a job well done but do this away from your desk. Over indulging first of all is harmful to your overall health. However drinking even in moderation while you work will only decrease your productivity resulting in you spending more time in trying to complete tasks. Get your work done and reward yourself elsewhere!

Don’t Live at Your Desk

Having the internet at your finger tips can lead to you using it as a substitute for socializing with family and friends. It is also easy to rely upon this source for all your news as well. Take periodic breaks away from your desk for the sake of sanity, socializing and circulation. Find both your news and friends elsewhere especially since this is where you spend all your working hours!

Remember Why You Are at Your Desk

Do you work to live or live to work? Hopefully it is the former and that you remember why you work online is to allow you a ‘richer’ and ‘fuller’ life! That life is NOT found at your desk so get out and do what you enjoy.

Set a Cut-Off Time

Allow yourself only so much time each day to complete what it is you need to do. By doing this you will find yourself working more efficiently and enjoying life more fully as well. Remember your work is NOT your life!

A work from home business is a great way to take control of your life and escape the dreaded 9 to 5. However sometimes entrepreneurial opportunities that involve a lot of computer work can come at a cost to our health. Many online entrepreneurs find themselves spending the majority of the day and night sitting in front of a computer. It is therefore necessary that certain disciplines are brought into play to help many break certain ‘habits’ they developed. The 5 ‘survival tips’ mentioned above are labeled as such because if people do not take care of their health what is the sense in having a successful home based business? By following these tips and giving yourself the necessary breaks you need it will boost not only your overall health but your productivity as well!