6 Article Marketing Tips For Writing Killer Articles

6 Article Marketing Tips For Writing Killer Articles

The hardest part of writing articles is finding great article ideas. At some point you will start to wonder where you will get your next article idea from. You may wonder how Great article writers’ pump out one killer article after the other and if you’ve been article writing for a while you will know exactly where to look. Article ideas are just poking you in the eye waiting for you to write them.

1) Give your readers what they want. People are asking questions on the internet everyday on hot topics. You can go to question sites like Yahoo Answers, where you will find a multitude of potential ideas. Browse in your personal niche or other topics of interest. Question sites will help you find out exactly what your readers want to read and learn.

2) Many writers view the world news daily to find ideas, however many of these will start to become stale as they have been written and then re-written over again. Your local newspaper is quite often a much better source of information for great article ideas. By choosing your local news you will catch a hot topic that has not yet hit the national news. Local news can most often be expanded to a national level.

3) There are also often times when you could be researching your own questions. This is an opportunity for you to take down notes and write an article on your findings. For instance… my dog recently had a rash, not a very attractive topic I know. However, if canine skin rashes was my niche, I could have easily have written an article on “how to find the best dog wash to stop your dog from scratching” Articles like this one are easy to write as you have already done the research and needed the answer to your question. You can be sure other dog enthusiast will be looking for the same answers.

4) Another killer idea is to join a forum in your niche. People are constantly asking questions in forums and you could turn their question into the topic of your article. Forums are also the place where many experts hang out. People are often humbled if you ask them for an interview and then you can put your interview down as your article.

5) Occasionally it does pay to get up from behind your laptop and go into your local area. I know our local paper often does street interviews. I have been a subject of one of them. The journalist wanted to know my opinion on events and activities in our local area for children and if I thought there was enough for children to keep them active and out of trouble.

6) There are literally a million articles you can write about. Sometimes it pays to search inside a topic like I have here and not just write about the obvious. For instance, when researching my dogs skin irritation I could have just looked up “how to stop a dog from scratching” and could have found a simple answer such as “put a bucket over his head to stop him from scratching” Like me people usually want a more in depth answer to their question or the problem at hand. This lends itself to exploring all types of skin irritations that dogs may get and writing articles on each one of those. You see what I mean about expanding on a topic, by doing this you will have no shortage of articles to write in the future.

Always jot down your ideas as they come to you. Once you start actively looking, you will be surprised at the amount of killer article ideas that are really out there, just waiting for you to put your fingers to the keyboard.