How Exante’s Web Trading Platform Works : All You Need To Know

How Exante’s Web Trading Platform Works : All You Need To Know

If you are a professional trader looking for high-speed execution and low latency in your trades, Exante is a trading platform who can help you trade with ease and comfort. In this guide, we will look at Exante as a company and provide some background, and we will explain how the Exante Web Platform works. The goal is to help you understand what this platform is all about so you can make an informed decision when you trade. Let’s dive in.

What’s Exante?

Exante is a technology-focused, innovation-driven broker for professional traders who are looking to trade over hundreds of thousands of assets from one multi-currency account. It was established in 2011 by Anatoly Knyazev, Alexey Kirienko, and Gatis Eglitis. The broker is based in Europe but has locations globally, ranging from Malta and Cyprus to London and Hong Kong. The broker is also licensed in these regions, making them perfectly regulated and fit to operate in each of the regions.

The broker has a main trading platform, the EXANTE Web Platform, which provides their users with a fast and professional way to trade right in their web browser. It operates in Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox, and there is no need for users to install any programmes to begin trading.

EXANTE’s Web Platform – tools and functionalities

Below, we cover some of the platform’s main tools and functionalities. It is important for readers of this guide to remember that this guide will not cover all the details, and more information is always available on the Exante website. It is equally important for users to remember that the information is accurate at the time of writing in March 2023, and the platform’s functionalities may change over time.


We can first explore the Instruments tab, which contains all the financial instruments available for you as a trader. They are grouped and sorted by alphabetic order. Exante offers traders access to over 600,000 instruments in over 50 markets. They include Stocks and ETFs, currencies, futures, funds, options, bonds, and precious metals.

Users can search for their preferred instrument with their name or with their ticker to narrow down the big list provided. They can also navigate further down to expand nodes of the Instruments tree to see which instruments they can trade, for each market. For example, users wishing to trade the NASDAQ can click on the NASDAQ node to find stocks arranged in alphabetical order.

To begin monitoring the price chart of an instrument, a trader can drag and drop it to Quote Monitor. They can also customise their terminal to optimise their trading experience.

Trading Options

Options are not visible under the platform’s instrument tree by default, but users can toggle it on in their Settings. They simply need to flip the switch for ‘Show Options’ to begin seeing them. There may be a few seconds to minutes of delay for all options to load, depending on connection speed. There will be a progress bar to indicate how long it will take.

Price Charts

The EXANTE Web Platform allows their users to visualise financial data and price charts comprehensively. Users can view price fluctuations using different time intervals, add drawings and indicators, and choose their own chart styles based on their preferences.

Timeframes include 1, 5, 10, and 15 minutes, 1, 4, and 6 hours, and 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month. For instruments that do not support trade data, there will not be a menu that appears in the Chart panel.

Other areas of customisation of the price chart include the ability to activate logarithmic scales, add, modify, and remove indicators, and toggle the crosshair cursor on or off to view detailed information on candlesticks. Once drawings on charts are added, they can be modified and removed. While drawing, users can also access undo and redo functions.

Exante also allows traders to copy and share live chart prices with friends and partners. If they want to do so, they can simply copy the link of the instrument right from the address bar, and they can share not only details of the instrument’s price, but also the timeframe they wish to display the chart in. Note that this feature only works for users who have an account with Exante. For users who do not, traders can share a link to a Demo Chart instead, which may have delays in price displays.

Quote Monitor

The EXANTE Web Platform’s quote monitor provides users with real-time data quote streams of up to 100 instruments. Traders can drag and drop their preferred instruments to keep track of their dynamics all in one place, and they can see all essential data on a trading session.

This data includes the instrument name and description, bid/ask/mid prices and bid/ask sizes, last quote update time, quote feed status, and price changes in absolute and percentage terms.

Market Depth

Users can also access market depth as a module. Exante provides a list of active limit orders grouped by trading side and arranged by price for easy comprehension, so traders can have a full view of the trading situation across exchanges. Rows in market depth are also colour-coded and visualised in a histogram by total size, summing up the total size starting from the best bid and ask prices.


You can place orders easily in their order panel, which allows you to see how much (in percentage) margin you are utilising and the percentage you are available to use. In the order panel, you will see clearly displayed the bid and ask prices, and you can set the preferred duration for your trades, fill in your desired quantity, and the price and stop price if necessary.

There is also a clear area in the same panel for you to place Take Profit or Stop Loss orders with the main order to minimise the potential for losses or to help secure profits. However, traders should note that some restrictions may apply to certain instruments, and if any order is forbidden, they will not be available to apply them in the panel.

For traders looking to place multiple subsequent orders in the style of high-frequency trading or those who participate in scalping strategies, Exante also provides plenty of automation opportunities. These include access to their network of 1,100 servers across the world to ensure low latency and safe, automatic data transfers.

The bottom line

The EXANTE Web Platform is a comprehensive and sophisticated trading platform that provides the full range of tools, indicators, and customisation needs a professional trader will need. With the ability for traders to integrate automation and FIX API into their existing systems, this is a robust and worthy platform that is worth your consideration if you are planning to trade at a professional capacity.