Local Marketing For Chiropractors

In 2010, local marketing for chiropractors has taken-off on the internet. Conceptually, there’s nothing really new about implementing a chiropractic marketing campaign to a specific geo-targeted area. Nowadays, there are just different and more effective mediums through which the strategy is carried out. The buzz right now surrounds social networking, video marketing, Google local business / Google Maps, AdWords, Facebook Ads, and a whole host of other online platforms.

What’s great about many of the newer forms of effective chiropractic marketing is that most don’t require you to spend any money on advertising. This is a big change of what chiropractors have been used to in the past. Phone books used to cost an arm and a leg (and still do) even though there’s been a major drop in readership. Many of the major newspapers are hurting as well, since fewer and fewer are buying subscriptions.

There’s no need to pay for news any longer. The worldwide web has allowed the news to find you instead of vice-versa. Local marketing for chiropractors in the current era is very effective when an overwhelming online presence is established. This doesn’t mean to negate offline marketing altogether, however doctors must position themselves where most of the people are. The statistics say most of the potential new patients are right at your fingertips on the web.

If you’re committed and serious about getting started with online local business marketing for your chiropractic practice, then you’ll want to find someone that’s been highly-successful at doing it and do what they do. A mentor will shave years off of your learning curve and save you thousands of dollars in hard-knocks. Never reinvent the wheel, as this is practice suicide. Paying a little for a coach beats paying a lot in financial mistakes and wasting countless hours of your valuable time.

Next, start to get a basic understanding of the functionality of websites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Local Business, etc… You don’t need to fully understand them and how they all integrate together, as a coach can help you. However, it’s important to be familiar with what’s going on so you can better understand the goals of what your chiropractic marketing is trying to achieve.

Far too many times, newbie chiropractors go into marketing blindly and don’t know how to accurately measure returns. Or, they don’t have the necessary tracking tools on their websites to assess traffic and specific website visitor information. It’s never good to play the guessing game so if you’re going to get online, you need to be totally immersed since it’s serious business. Internet marketing done right can get you massive amounts of new patients and add another five figures to your practice income.

Google Analytics can help you in your internet marketing tracking efforts. This free program can be installed by your current webmaster or freelance programmer. They can show you how it works and how simple it is to see what’s going on with your website and the traffic coming to and from. In my opinion, it’s essential to have this tracking tool on your chiropractic website.

Online local marketing for chiropractors can be incorporated and benefit any practice by getting the doctor more new patients. It can also go a long way to increasing brand awareness and exposure.