Marketing Your Products and Services With RSS

Marketing Your Products and Services With RSS

RSS is nowadays the most popular tool surfers have to stay informed about what is going on any given website that generates feeds to broadcast updates. If you have a website, you can benefit from syndication producing your own feeds.

Outlining a marketing strategy sometimes is a lengthy process, but including RSS as a part of a promotional campaign does not require further effort once it is running because feeds update automatically every time something new is published, whether content, announcements, invites, etc.

What you need to market your products or services via RSS is a web application capable to generate feeds and content or articles that you want to syndicate. If your core website script cannot generate feeds alone, you can hire a developer to integrate this technology, do it in your own (if you have the knowledge,) or use either an online RSS generator or RSS editor to write down your feeds manually.

Once an RSS feed is available, surfers can retrieve it either opening the URL in their web browser, or adding the links to a news reader. News reader or aggregators can be compared with portable radios that are broadcasting the news in real-time as soon as they occur, and therefore your product or service will be always visible to potential clients.

Back to sketching your online marketing strategy, consider that RSS allows the easy distribution of your content; hence your feed cannot only be retrieved by surfers but other webmasters willing to display your content onto their websites, which translates to you in free advertising.

External sites offering your RSS feeds will spread out news as often as you update your own content, so you do not have to worry about delivering over and over any announcement. RSS is an automatic and unattended process that sometimes can be scheduled on a regular basis, depending on your website’s core application features.

With RSS, updates occur in real-time and at the same time in both RSS aggregators and websites syndicating your content. Because the update is made simultaneously, you do not need to worry about outdated information left somewhere out there. If new content is added, modified or deleted, RSS will update all subscribers and replicating sources.

With RSS feeds, you possibilities to succeed marketing your products and services are endless, and feeds increase target traffic, because people who click on a link associated to your feed are directed to your website, finding there all what you have to offer them.