My Software Business Review – Start Your Own Software Business Course

My Software Business Review – Start Your Own Software Business Course

The “My Software Business” package is created by 2 well known Internet entrepreneurs, Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker. Both are self made millionaires who have found their success through selling digital products online, and this new package that they created is meant to provide their clients with a business in a box solution.

1. Who is the “My Software Business” Downloadable Package Made For?

It is especially created for aspiring online entrepreneurs who want to start their own online software selling business but do not want to get bogged down by all the technical aspects of the business. Adeel and Bobby do make many bold claims about their product too, but can you really trust these 2 guys?

2. What is the Advantage of Using My Software Business Package Instead of Simply Getting the Resale Rights and Selling the Program Directly?

By using this package rather than creating the sales materials, I have found that I am able to profit from sales after only about 1-2 days after getting the software. This is due to the vast amounts of readymade web pages and content already available for download and immediate use in the membership area. Once all the materials are uploaded, there is very little overhead and maintenance work to worry about. I was able to make back my investment in this program within my first month of starting the business, and all my clients who have purchased the Sales Letter Creator software have nothing but praise for it.

3. How Much Experience Do You Need to Have to Make Money with My Software Business?

Some people get intimated when they think of all the technical knowledge that they need to have to setup websites. Well, the good news is that almost everything has been prepared in My Software Business. There is no need to have a lot of expertise in making websites to make money from this system.