Personal Finance Saving Money on Gas

Personal Finance Saving Money on Gas

Are soaring gasoline prices with no end in sight causing panic in your household budget? Today’s lifestyle requires most of use to have affordable, dependable transportation. We cannot control the cost of gasoline but we can do a few things to keep it from wrecking our personal finances.

· Proper tire inflation will not only improve your gas mileage but will also improve the life of your tires. It requires large amounts of fuel to create a tire as well.

· The most over looked part of most cars is a simple and cheap one to fix. The air filter can cut fuel economy by 15{dc8f321d37baba791adf66cf81f163453760aaaccf35e9902d00ceb1d834317a} and also add to the wear and tear on the engine.

· Changing your oil at the recommended increments will help your engine run more efficiently. As oil breaks down an engine has to work harder and so do you personal finances.

· With prices raising daily you will save money filling up rather than hoping for a lower price tomorrow.

· Do not overfill your tank. Estimates put the loss of fuel due to spillage at the pump at over $1 million annually.

· Plan your trips to avoid congestion plus put as many errands together as you can to save on the number of trips.

· Clean your car out. Excess weight from the unused items in your car can lower your mileage. Take it only when you need it.

· Outside temps affect both when you fill up and when you should drive. Gas expands when heated. Fill up after dark and run errands during the cooler temps. This will also cut down on using the air conditioner.

· Your family budget needs daily tracking and so does your fuel economy. If you want your personal finances to succeed keep a close eye on changes in your gas mileage. Track where you bought the fuel and what the mileage was along with the weather. If you see any radical changes study it to find out why.

· Fuel prices can vary by as much as $0.25 per gallon in neighborhoods so use an online source such as or to find the best prices in your area just before you fill up.

The average vehicle will consume an average of $3240 of fuel annually. A simple savings of 12 percent of your annual fuel cost will feed a family of 4 for one month. In uncertain economic times we cannot allow out personal finances to suffer. Small sacrifices now will help when prosperity returns. Don’t allow your hard times to be extended.

Take personal responsibility for your personal finances. Do not allow your actions to compound the actions of others. Tough economic times have always created financial success in diligent people.

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