Press Releases – How A Press Release Can Benefit Your Website Or Business

Press Releases – How A Press Release Can Benefit Your Website Or Business

Press releases are generally written as a story explaining newsworthy information from a third party, these releases are straight to the point stating the main facts of a product or business.

A press release must be informative and interesting, normally these include a head line that is eye-catching and attractive, at the bottom a description of the company is usually present.

A press release can benefit your website increasing traffic and expressing a professional look, this obviously getting the word out about a certain product or site to the public, normally a surge in traffic can be experienced too. This could possibly result in more sales, sign ups etc, and basically get people talking.

Depending on the quality of a press release and how it is worded, news sources such as Google News can pick them up. This gaining an obvious influx of views as well of the professionalism of your product website or business being indexed on such a high profile site. Once Google news has hold of the story, other sources may reproduce the story too, if your lucky you may end up with the news of your product or business being distributed around many places on the internet.

Normally to achieve this sort of publicity through Google News you need to contact Press release services and agencies. You would inform them of your product/website news and a press release will be put together using the information you supply. These can vary in price from anywhere between $100-$300.

However there is a website promotion service called AJB Promotion. At the moment they offer to write a press release that will be listed in Google news from $50.