US Finance Sector: The Never Ending Greed

US Finance Sector: The Never Ending Greed

The U.S finance sector is soon turning into a giant sea, where many big fishes are desperately trying to swim their ways to the top. This sudden spurt in its growth can be accounted to the insatiable appetite of this financial stratum. The never ending greed of the financial sector in U.S had caused the financial system to crumple in year 2008. This greed seems to be going on and on:

Based on recent case studies:

> According to a renowned U.S Journal, even after being banned by the legislation, from using certain illegal practices, the credit card companies are paying no heed. They are going on devising ways to dupe the customers.
> Various big names in the finance sector are going to avoid or much rather do away with the financial reform bill recently issued by Washington. This news has created quite a stir in the financial sector.
> The Volcker Plan has levied restrictions upon banks to make tentative investment unless it is on behalf of the customer. A number of finance hubs have figured out a way to come clean of this rule.
> The New York Attorney General is accused of carrying out a false investigation about the insurance companies extracting profits, from the benefits belonging to families of their loved ones who have been killed in the Afghan Wars. This report has been flashed on many news channels.

The years of labor taken in coming up with these convenient monetary policies has given birth to this insatiable financial sector, which is expanding day by day. It is gradually turning into a monster whose hunger knows no end.

The financial sector has already taken over the economy of America expanding its shares from approximately16{dc8f321d37baba791adf66cf81f163453760aaaccf35e9902d00ceb1d834317a} to 41{dc8f321d37baba791adf66cf81f163453760aaaccf35e9902d00ceb1d834317a}. Now it is on a look out for more countries which can fall prey to its greed. More details are available on Finance guide.