What’s Wrong With Online Business Opportunity Goals? For Entrepreneurs Only!

What’s Wrong With Online Business Opportunity Goals? For Entrepreneurs Only!

Are you an entrepreneur? Perhaps you are looking for a home online business opportunity. Maybe you’re already involved in an MLM network marketing business, or perhaps already successful in internet marketing. Let’s say you have some level of interest in entrepreneurship.

As a business entrepreneur you are a professional; you love the prospect of making lots of money with an online business working from home. As such you also have a pressing need for personal growth, as well as the development of online internet skills.

Everyday your mentors are emphasizing to you the crucial importance of creating goals, visualizing goals, working hard to realize and manifest your goals. They ask you to make sure you have written your goals out in clear black and white on a sheet of paper. They insist on posting your written goals on the walls of your home in clear view so you can easily remind yourself of what you have dreamed of, what you have committed to paper. True, goals are necessary and important.

What’s wrong with this picture? Well, nothing as far as it goes; it just doesn’t go far enough. Goals are good in that they represent your vision of what you want in your life, in your future. Goals are future oriented.

It’s important to live is in an aspiring forward moving mindset. It gives meaning to your life, that’s for sure. It directs your working days and hours toward what will bring satisfaction to yourself and your family. Planning is important, there’s no question about it. Dreaming, conceiving, visualizing what you want your life to look like in ten years or twenty years is definitely a healthy mode of mental operation.

However, in spite of the healthy aspect of setting goals for your online business and your aspirations for the entrepreneurship road of “fire your boss”, there are some limits and built-in dangers in holding goals too tight and right in an obsessional manner.

Take as an example my neighbor Jack. He has been on a new career path that involves internet marketing in a work at home online business. In my view, Jack is never happy, although he is excited. He looks to me kind of nervous all the time, wound up tight as a drum and not really enjoying life. He is dominated and obsessed with his business goals and never seems to have time to enjoy life in the present moment. Somehow Jack’s ambition is working against him.

I observed that underneath Jack’s excitement is a pervasive sense of poverty mentality. There is a sense of “lack” about him that worries me and makes me feel a bit sad about his failure to notice what’s happening in the present moment.

I think what’s going on here is that many people like Jack, and maybe you, are scared and worried about their future. Fear seems to be a big motivator. You have taken a big risk with your time and money and things are not working out yet. What’s missing here, what’s unhealthy about obsessional thinking? There is no room for appreciation of what you already have. How about appreciating what we have several times each day?

What about gratitude? Gratitude and appreciation of what you already have is not only a healing attitude, but it is also a strategically important aspect of creating, maintaining and practicing a balanced business plan. How to live a balanced life is often forgotten in the craving and whirlwind of ambition so that we do not allow ourselves the time and space to allow gratitude to arise in our being. Gratitude? Yes.

For business entrepreneurs, especially those working alone from home, it is smart and productive to open yourself to the universal mindset of abundance. Too much focus on the future, too much thinking about your future-oriented goals encourages the hidden demon of “lack” to push you into the maniacal mood of greed.

The way to heal that disease is to open to the Attitude of Gratitude. This excellent business advice that I have encountered out on the entrepreneur circuit has allowed me to relax into the rich mindset of abundance. When prospects don’t show up, when leads don’t do what they said, I don’t take it personally as a subtraction from my goals. No, I have trained myself in the attitudes of richness, abundance, gratitude. The problem always comes back to me…what am I doing to attract complainers and whiners?

When I tap into the free and universal attitude of gratitude and abundance, when I see the world and my world in this way, I see that in being an online business entrepreneur or internet marketer working from home…the buck must stop here. Here is where the work of personal growth comes in.

When I hold abundance and gratitude in my heart and my behavior and in my speech, then I trust that is what will come back to me. This is the idea behind the networker’s slogan: “Some will, Some won’t, So what…Next!” It’s not about being a snub-nose smart ass. It is about not taking it emotionally and personally, as if there’s something wrong with you or the other person equally. You can’t give abundance away because it keeps coming back to you.

Abundance and gratitude are about: not making people wrong. Making others wrong comes from an internal sense of poverty and lack. Even carrying a sense of competition instead of cooperation shows an internal sense of lack. Take a look at yourself.

What this is about is placing yourself beyond your narrow ego and out into the creation of a balanced life that holds both the future (as reflected in goals) and the present (as reflected in appreciation and constant gratitude) in equal balance.

When you train yourself on an ongoing basis to do this daily, then you will see your online business opportunities and networking internet marketing career as an opportunity to serve others. Servant leadership is the key to helping others get what they want, and then you will get what you want. Future goals must be balanced with a present sense of abundance and gratitude for success in online business or anything else in life.