Why Contemporary Garden Office Studios Are Kicking Up A Storm

Why Contemporary Garden Office Studios Are Kicking Up A Storm

The humble work from home concept has evolved into a booming industry over the last few years in more ways than one. With national magazines and newspapers reporting that work from home entrepreneurs are adding billions of revenue to the UK economy alone it is hardly surprising that the demand for contemporary garden studios and offices is rising when it comes to style and comfort.

Contemporary garden studios are fast being snapped up by individuals, entrepreneurs and even small companies looking to work from home in stylish and business enhancing surroundings and reduce overheads on expensive office space.

With broadband and wireless internet connectivity available within a short distance of the main house and the desire to avoid the common distractions that people have when working at home amongst the daily life of the rest of the family the Contemporary garden studio demand looks set to keep climbing.

The most common distractions faced by the work from the home entrepreneur or office executive include:-

  • Pets, children and partners who are all suddenly aware that you are at home and even though they know you are working, it is very easy to become distracted with everything going on around you.
  • Time keeping and meeting deadlines are more difficult to keep because when you have to be somewhere at a certain time, do your tasks for the day and then finish at a set time you manage your time and productivity to suit. When those deadlines are suddenly removed and the morning shower becomes a leisurely soak, and the reading of the morning newspapers turns into 2 hours of morning TV news you will soon find yourself lost in a whole new world of trying to keep yourself disciplined and productive despite having more time.
  • Designated work spaces are vital to your effectiveness so stop thinking that the kitchen table is the ideal spot to work from home a few times a week unless you want total chaos in your work life.

The new contemporary style log cabins are nothing like glorified sheds. For example some of the fully insulated Swedish Log Cabins come with the option to insulate the floor, ceiling and walls and offer double glazed or triple glazed windows as a self build kit. These type of buildings offer superb energy efficiency and sound insulation and provide a luxury work space that can be used all year round.

Planning permissions may be required if the Contemporary Garden Studio is above a certain height, area size or distance from the boundary. In general the vast majority if sited correctly in the back garden do not.

With even more work from home entrepreneurs predicted to start their own business from home over the next few years the demand for these types of buildings looks sure to remain very high.