Why Entrepreneurs, Executives And CEO’s MUST Focus On Losing Weight And Getting Fit

Why Entrepreneurs, Executives And CEO’s MUST Focus On Losing Weight And Getting Fit

So you’re a business person, right?

Either an entrepreneur, CEO, or just someone who’s very career-orientated?

In which case, let me tell you a VERY simple way of increasing your performance levels, to help you make a lot more money for your business… and therefore make a lot more money for you personally.

Okay, here goes:

Start following a proven health and fitness plan.

That’s it.

So simple. So effective. So damn brilliant.

Here’s why:

You see, when you lose weight and get fit and healthy, a LOT of good (I mean GREAT) things happen. Of course, you will experience benefits in your personal life; things like looking more attractive, having more energy to spend time doing fun things with your family, and being fitter and better whilst doing, errrrrrr, “naughty” things… Yep, I’m going there!

But, your personal life aside, you will also start seeing amazing benefits in your professional life. In other words, you should start performing better in your career, meaning you’ll make MORE MONEY.

Not bad, eh?

Now, I get it. You’re probably thinking something along the lines of: “How the hell will getting fit and healthy make me more money?”

Well, let me explain…

First of all, you will get a TON more energy. So instead of experiencing that mid-morning slump, you will be energetic and ready to produce your very best work for the day ahead.

I mean, think about it…

How often do you rely on caffeine or sugar to give you an energy spike?

And whilst in small doses both of these can be great, if taken regularly, they will screw you over harder than Ramsay screwed over Theon in “Game of Thrones”. (If you don’t watch it, I basically mean they will screw you over BIG time… !)

Here’s why:

First of all, too much sugar will make you pile on the weight. A bit of sugar every day is fine. Heck, I have a sweet tooth. I almost NEED sugar to keep me sane. But, ultimately, I realise I need to be sensible with it. If not, I’ll get fat. Simple.

The same applies to you.

And then when you pile on the weight, you’ll become lethargic. Your energy levels will drop. And you’ll be miserable.

But it gets even worse…

You see, if you eat too much sugar, your insulin levels will spike. This means you will have a short burst of energy. But after that, your energy will instantly drop like a bomb. And this spike in insulin levels will also make it far easier for your body to store fat. Not good.

So that’s why you want to stay clear of the mid-morning sugar snacks.

Now then, on to caffeine…

First of all, let me tell you this:

Caffeine really does have some great benefits. First of all, it’s a form of nootropic, a substance which temporarily alters your brain chemistry for the better. It will make you more alert. It will make you think clearer.

But when the caffeine wears off, as I’m sure you know, you will experience a “crash”.

Now, if you limit your caffeine intake to around 100mg a day (about one cup of coffee) then you should be absolutely fine. In fact, I even recommend this, because you’ll get the benefits of caffeine without the side-effects. But anymore than this, and you’re playing with fire.

Anyway, you may be thinking right now: “Okay, sounds great ‘n all. But I literally rely on caffeine and sugar to keep me going.”

If that’s you, then don’t worry my friend. Because I’ve got some good news for you.

See, when you get to the stage where you stop relying on caffeine and sugar, then you will have so much more sustainable energy right throughout the whole day; energy which will help you become so much more productive, and energy which will give you a lot more mental clarity so you can make better and more creative decisions.

Which is why I recommend going completely cold turkey on caffeine and sugar for five days.

For these five days, focus on eating lots of greens, protein (meat, fish and eggs), and “healthy” fats such as olive oil, avocados, fish oil, coconut oil, and nuts.

After the five days are up, I literally guarantee you will feel so much better in yourself.

You will have more energy.

You will have better focus.

You will be more productive.

And you will also lose weight, even if you don’t do any exercise.

That’s how powerful this stuff is.

So go on.

Do it.

Don’t just sit there and think: “That sounds good.”

Actually take ACTION.